My first blog post!

Hi there and welcome to my blog!

As this is my first post I thought I would write a bit about myself and why I have decided to create a blog. I am a 20 (soon to be 21) year old student studying to become a primary teacher, but I also have a keen interest in all things beauty. I am forever reading other people’s blogs or watching YouTube videos all to do with beauty, fashion and lifestyle, I find it a great way to escape from my university life of constant studying and writing.

You might be wondering why I have decided to start a blog. It has been an idea that has floated around my mind for a long time now, I enjoy reading other blogs and watching beauty videos, so why not do it myself? Why not share the knowledge and experiences I have had with other’s?

So, what can you expect from my blog? I will talk about all things beauty such as my must have makeup products and my favourite haircare routine, but I will also talk about fashion and lifestyle too. I plan to put up a blog post once a week to start with and hopefully will expand to a couple a week if the interest is there. If not, it is something great to look back on for myself.

Being a student means I am limited to my student loan as my main income and a small wage from a part time job. I am therefore not able to afford high end expensive products all the time so I have found great alternatives which I would love to talk about. If you are a student yourself, or don’t have a lot of money to splash on the fancy stuff, I hope you can get some great recommendations from here.

Please feel free to be interactive with me, leave me comments and questions, and any suggestions of how I can improve or topics you would like me to talk about.

If you got to the end of this long post, thanks a bunch! I hope you enjoy what’s to come!!

Vixen Beauty.


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