Beauty Brawl Day 10 - Bronzer

Today is the last day of the beauty brawl, I hope you have enjoyed reading all of the reviews, I have certainly enjoyed the process of trying everything out and buying things that I would maybe not have tried before! For the last day of the brawl we have to review a bronzer, I chose the Rimmel London Sun Shimmer Bronzing Compact Powder in the colour Medium Matte which cost me £5.60 from the Feel Unique website. 

The packaging feels a bit flimsy and very cheap, I know for a fact that if I dropped this it would break which always scares me! I also think it just looks a bit plain and the text on the lid just doesn't really stand out. 

This bronzer is okay, it's not the best bronzer i've used but it's also not the worst. It's a little bit more orange toned that the bronzers I would usually go for but I love that it's matte. I felt like i needed to use quite a bit of product on my brush to get any payoff, but overall it is a pretty good bronzer!

I have chosen to rate this bronzer a 70/100 as I think it is actually very good for a drug store bronzer, I gave the packaging a 50/100 due to how flimsy it feels and I gave the price a 70/100 because I think it is pretty well priced for the quality of the product. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading my last review of the Beauty Brawl. It's been so fun trying out some new products and I think I have found some really good products that I will continue to use.

Thanks a bunch! I'll be back soon with some other blog posts. 

Vixen Beauty x

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