Beauty Brawl Day 3 - Eyeliner

It's day 3 of the Beauty Brawl and it's actually my 21st birthday today (YAY)!! Happy birthday to me :D

Today's product that i will be reviewing is an eyeliner. The one I chose to try out is the Barry M Eye Define Liquid Eyeliner in the colour Ebony 11 (Black). It cost me £4.79 on Feel Unique.

I hate to say it, but i really do not like this eyeliner!! It goes on really thick as the nib is very thick so it is basically impossible to create a smooth straight line. It also dries really quickly to a matte finish which i'm not keen on and seems more of a dark grey colour instead of black. It took me 15 minutes to create some sort of a decent cat eye flick and i had to keep removing bits of it with a wipe and starting again!

As you can see from the swatches above, it is difficult to get a thin line that is the same width all the way along, I wish I had something good to say about this eyeliner, but unfortunately I don't! I have had much much better eyeliners for either a similar price or a bit cheaper so I think i'll stick with those. Sorry Barry M :(

I have chosen to give this product a 40/100 as I really do not like it, I gave the packaging a 60/100 as I feel the long handle means it fits nicely in your hand when you hold it and I have given the price a 50/100 as I don't think the price is too high for the quality of the product. 

I hope you've enjoyed today's post, it's a shame that i haven't enjoyed using this product but unfortunately not every makeup product is amazing!

Thanks a bunch!

Vixen Beauty x

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