Beauty Brawl Day 4 - Makeup Remover

Today is day 4 of the Bloggers Beauty Brawl and I think today might just be my favourite product review of the whole brawl!! It's a makeup remover that I have been wanting for a very very long time. I chose the Pixi & Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse which cost me £24 from Cult Beauty.

I've been wanting to buy this product for a long time as everyone and his dog raves about it but I was put off by the price of it. However when I knew that I needed to review a makeup remover I saw it as a sign that I must buy it! I am so so glad that i did, it literally makes your makeup melt off of your face! My skin felt clean, lovely and smooth after using it. There's something I love about smudging your makeup all over your face before you take it all of and then seeing it all in the sink once you've wiped it off your face.

There was no makeup left on my face after doing the double cleanse unlike some other makeup removers I have used that don't actually remove everything. I was really surprised with how little product you need to use to get your makeup off too so I can see this product lasting me quite a while!

I have chosen to give this product a 90/100 because I honestly love it so so much! I gave the packaging a 90/100 because of how solid it is and I love how unique it is inside. I went for 60/100 for the price because I do think it is a little high, I'm used to buying cheaper skin care so it was a bit of a shock when I first saw how much it cost!

I would highly recommend you get your hands on this product! If you can't afford it yourself ask for it for your birthday or Christmas because you need it in your life!!!

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and understand how fantastic this product is!! I'm so glad that I decided to splash out the cash and purchase this.

Thanks a bunch!

Vixen Beauty x

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