Beauty Brawl day 5 - Summer Nail Polish

We're half way through the beauty brawl already and the product I'm reviewing today is a summer coloured  nail polish. I chose the Rimmel London Rita Ora  Polish in the colour 322 Neon Fest, it cost me £2.99 from Feel Unique.

I love this nail polish so much, it's very pigmented and bright, you could get away with just one coat of colour. The brush is great, it's a good small shape so it's easy to put the product on your nails neatly without getting it all over your hand. It's a lovely bright pink colour, although I wouldn't really say it's neon like it suggests but it is still a perfect colour for summer. The polish has not chipped after 5 days wear which is amazing because most polishes to chip on my nails.

I am very impressed with this nail polish, especially seen as it was so cheap! I will be buying some more from the range.

I chose to rate this product 90/100 because I honestly think it's fantastic, I gave it 80/100 for packaging as I think it is just simple enough but still feels solid and finally I gave the price 90/100 because I think it is such a good price for the quality of the product. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading today's review, I would really recommend you try out this nail polish, or another colour from the same range!!!

Thanks a bunch!

Vixen Beauty x

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