Beauty Brawl Day 7 - Face Primer

It's day 7 today, which means were nearing the end of the brawl :( The face primer I have picked to review today is Barry M's Flawless Colour Correcting Primer which cost me £5.99 on the Feel Unique Website. 

I have to say that this primer hasn't really impressed me. It claims to be colour correcting but I felt that it made no difference to any of the redness I have on my face. I also think it actually made my usual makeup look worse than it normally does, my foundation looked cakey and settled into my frown lines on my forehead which it never normally does. 

I do however think the packaging is very good, the bottle is very solid, I love how it's got a matte effect and bright colours that stand out. There is a lot of information on the bottle which describes what the primer claims to do for your skin which is great for people who are unsure which primer to buy! I think that for the price of the primer, I would expect a much better quality product and I don't feel I would reach for this product over my other primers. 

I have chosen to rate this product 50/100 because it just didn't impress me, I gave the packaging 80/100 because I was quite impressed with the bottle and I gave the price 60/100 as for the amount of product you get I didn't think it was too expensive. 

I hope you've enjoyed today's review, it's a shame that I didn't like it, but that doesn't mean that it wouldn't be good for other people so maybe it is worth a try.

Thanks a bunch!

Vixen Beauty x

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