Beauty Brawl Day 8 - False Eyelashes

When I knew we had to review some false eyelashes I was a little worried as I have semi-permanent eyelash extensions so I cannot actually wear them. However, I decided that I would chose a pair that I would actually wear if I could so I picked the Cheryl Lashes By Eyelure Girls Night eyelashes which cost me £4.00 on the Feel Unique website.

The eyelashes are very light weight and have a very thin strip which would be easy to hide with eyeliner and therefore not make it really obvious that you are wearing false eyelashes. I love how the eyelashes get longer and fuller towards the outside, this style would be great for someone who wants to make their eyes look bigger or wider. 

I have worn Eyelure eyelashes in the past so I have experience with what the glue is like. I didn't think it was that great as after a few hours of wearing the eyelashes the glue would come unstuck and the eyelashes would start falling off, so I would recommend getting another lash glue such as the DUO Striplash Glue

I gave this product a 55/100 as I think it is okay, but there are definitely better options available with much better glue, I gave the packaging a 60/100 as it is fairly simple but also eye catching and finally I gave the price a 70/100 as I didn't think £4 for a fairly decent pair of false eyelashes was bad!

I hope you've enjoyed reading today's review, even though I haven't personally been able to wear these eyelashes I hope this review has been helpful in some way!

Thanks a bunch!

Vixen Beauty x

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