Current Favourite Face Masks

I seriously love a good pamper session! To me there is nothing more relaxing than running a lovely, big bubble bath, putting on a face mask and chilling out with a book.

I have lots of different face masks that I switch between depending on the current condition of my skin but I will always try to do 1 or 2 masks a week. I have combination/ oily skin (I only get oily on my T-zone) and get occasional spots because of food intolerance's... lucky me! 

I'm going to start with the face masks that I have been using for the longest time, I think I must have been about 13 when I first started using these! I loved how cheap they were and it always felt like a nice treat when I got to use them! I don't use them as much now but when I do I remember why I used to love them so much. 

These Montagne Jeunesse masks come in a huge variety of different scents and types. There are peeling ones, heating ones, charcoal ones and cooling ones. I usually stock up and buy a bulk load of them in one go from Amazon, as it usually works out cheaper doing it that way! I would say these masks are good for generally just improving the condition of my skin, it helps to make it smoother and even out any tones in my skin.

Another brand that I have recently fallen in love with is Body Shop, I had never tried any of their face masks before but I adore these two products from them! I have previously used other products from their Tea Tree range and loved them so when I saw that they had masks I knew I had to get them. The 3-IN-1 WASH.SCRUB.MASK. is an amazing product because it can be used in 3 different ways. It can be a quick face wash, used as a scrub or left on for a mask! As it's a scrub it means it has little beads inside the product which help to exfoliate your skin and leaves it feeling really really smooth! 

The Skin Clearing Clay Mask fast became one of my favourite ever face masks the first time I used it! It's one of them masks that tingles on your face so you know it must be doing something good for you skin, and oh boy, it does! My skin looks so so much better after using this product, it looks brighter, it feels smoother and my blemishes are seriously reduced! I LOVE it! 

Another brand I have loved over the years for a good face mask is Origins. The two that are my favourites are the Clear Improvements charcoal mask and the Drink Up Intensive overnight mask. I love both of these but for different reasons, the charcoal mask is great for reducing redness and getting rid of blemishes and the overnight mask is great for giving you that glowing skin look you need when your skin feels dry, dehydrated and tired! 

I have to say that I think this Origins product is by far my favourite when it comes to face masks. It is a Maskimizer which you basically spray on your face before you apply your face mask and it means you get the most out of the face mask! I find it really does make a difference and honestly makes any face mask that little bit more effective. 

I have to be honest and say that I have a little bit of a love, hate relationship with this L'Oreal face mask! It's one of them masks where it actually makes your skin worse before it makes it better... basically it gives you a bad breakout for a few days and then your spots eventually reduce and clear up. It's great to use if you know you can hide away for a few days whilst all your spots come out, but realistically I cannot do that, so I find I don't really reach for this product that much. It does however, eventually improve the condition of your skin, but is it worth the bad breakout? 

These two masks do completely different things but I think I love them both equally anyway! The Nip + Fab mask is a plumping mask so it really helps to tighten your skin, adding lots of moisture and hydration to it. It claims to be really good for wrinkles, but seen as I don't have any I cannot really comment on that! The Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions mask is one that I have re-purchased many times over the years! It's an oil controlling mask which is great for my oily T-zone and really helps to clear up/get rid off any blemishes you have! I used this one last night and woke up with really noticeably reduced spots, I would highly recommend this mask for anyone who does suffer with spots or acne!

Lastly I am going to talk about my beloved Sephora sheet face masks. Unfortunately for me, this one is the last one I have left. As I live in the UK, we do not have a Sephora here (YET!!!) so when I went to Barcelona last year I stocked up on these wonderful sheet masks. Like the Montagne Jeunesse masks, they come in a variety of scents which all have different benefits for your skin, but overall they are all very moisturising and hydrating and leave your skin feeling very smooth. I will be very sad when I use up my last one!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post, hopefully there's some of you out there who share the same love of face masks that I do! If you have any recommendations of face masks for me to try out then please leave me a comment down below! 

Thanks a bunch. 

Vixen Beauty x


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