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Hey lovelies! So I know all of my other posts have been very makeup/beauty based but I do have other hobbies and interests, one being working out and keeping fit. Because of this I decided that I would share my workout shoe collection with you!

I have 6 pairs of workout trainers that I switch between depending on what exercise it is that I am doing. Sometimes I go running, sometimes I do zumba and other times I either go to the gym or join in the classes at the gym.

This pair of shoes are probably my most favourite pair! I treated my self a few years ago and designed these on the Nike website. I love how they are so unique and no one else has the same pair. They have my nickname stitched into the back of the shoes which makes them so personal. They are definitely a pair that I will keep forever. I find these shoes are the best for wearing to the gym when I am doing a lot of weight lifting and not a lot of cardio or jumping. 

This second pair of shoes are again from Nike, I love the colour grey as it just seems to go with everything!! These are exactly the same type of shoe as the black Nike's above so again I wear them in the gym. I love how simple these shoes are as it means I can get away with wearing crazier coloured gym clothing.

 You can probably tell by now that I love Nike shoes...These one's are my newest pair of trainers, Nike had a sale on a few months ago which meant these shoes only cost me £20 which is a great bargain! These shoes are a slightly different style and shape to the other two, they are a bit more lightweight but feel slightly more supportive for your feet. I wear these again to the gym and sometimes when I do classes if I know they aren't going to be too jumpy! 

Believe it or not I do actually own a pair of trainers that aren't Nike ones!! I bought these unique Adidas trainers when I was on holiday in Spain a few years ago, there's a wonderful sports shop that sells clothes and shoes that you would never find in the UK. When I spotted these, I just knew I needed to have them! These are a lot more sturdy and supportive than the other shoes I have already talked about in this post so I wear them when I do Zumba or if I go to a class at the gym where I know I might do a lot of cardio or jumping. People always comment on these shoes when I wear them and I love that I will probably never come across someone wearing the same pair.

Ooops... back to Nike again!! This pair are similar to the Adidas ones above as again they are very sturdy and more supportive, the grip on these shoes is fantastic so it's great for when I am ever doing exercise on wooden floors, like when I do Zumba. These shoes are also great for outside so I sometimes wear them if I go for a run.  

These are my last pair of workout trainers, and they are actually the first pair I ever bought. I got these years and years ago when I joined the netball team at my college, I chose purple because it matched with the kit's that we wore! I mainly chose this type of shoe because it felt very supportive which is what you need when jumping and running around outside. Now I use these trainers if I go running outside as I find they are the best ones for the job. 

I hope you have enjoyed reading something a little different on my blog, I had quite a lot of fun creating this post, and it gives you an insight into my other interests and hobbies.

As always, feel free to leave any comments below.

Thanks a bunch.

Vixen Beauty x


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